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Material drawing of bending machine mould

Bending machine die

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1) bending machine mold and CNC bending machine mold selection guide:

1: when selecting the mold shape (Angle, front r, height), please note that in the mold with similar shape, some codes are different.

2. Provide specific specifications and models of the bending machine.

3: the mounting method of the upper die is determined according to the clamping machine tool.

4. If you have any difficulty in selecting the mold, please consult our factory (service hotline: 0555-6778058 13905557870), please provide the following contents:

A. general drawings of bending shapes and detailed local drawings of bending parts bending radius and tolerance range of internal and external dimensions;

B. Bending plate material and plate thickness;

C. Requirements for scratches (injuries);

D. Type of bending machine used in bending (pressure, length of table, etc.);

E. Other matters that need to be specified in particular

2) the mould can be matched with equipment made in different places (domestically imported) :

Jiangdu products, huangshi products, wuxi products, nantong products, ma anshan products, Shanghai products, nanjing products, jiangning products, day aquatic products, hanzhong products, Beijing forging and pressing products, shenyang products, guangdong foshan products, jiangsu yangli products, Taiwan products and so on. There are also foreign brands such as Accur Press, LVD in Belgium, AMADA in Japan, TRUMPF in Germany, KOMATSU in Japan, white super in Switzerland and so on.

Aerospace companies specializing in the production of ordinary CNC bending machine die mold, flanging machine, CNC bending machine mold, CNC folding mold, special metal forming mould, light pole moulds, steel bar, security doors, shipbuilding, container mould, auto mould car door mould, car door plank die mold, hydraulic press, hydraulic press mould press mould pressing machine die, bending die, forming mould, a forming mold such as mold. Also can provide special purpose of the mold, elbow die die, 90 degrees, 60 degrees, 45 degrees, 30 degrees, R shape, cylindrical shape, bending press, U shape and bending machine printing die, container special die, all kinds of lamp pole die and various industrial machinery blades and tools to figure processing, non-standard free design. The company in line with the principle of "customer first", based on various CNC blade mold accessories and scientific research and innovation. It is our constant goal to provide high quality and low price special moulds to our customers.

Friendly reminder:

A. Standard molds are provided in stock. Non-standard molds can be processed according to the customer's requirements of product drawings, samples, specifications and HRC values.

B. As there are too many kinds of products, the drawings may not match what you need, but as long as you can tell us what you need, or provide us with drawings, we will be able to deliver qualified products to you!

C. If you have any questions, you can directly call our hotline for consultation. We will choose the appropriate design scheme according to your different requirements to meet the customer's requirements in a short time with good quality.

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