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How to sharpen the blade in the process of blade customization?

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In the production and development of some customized blade companies, many people find that certain damage will inevitably occur in the process of using the customized blade, sometimes even more severe. It is understood that the damage is mainly divided into wear and damage of two conditions. For this situation, we have taken some repair methods, and the blade customized wear is closely related to how to correct repair, the following is a detailed introduction:

In the use of customized blade cutting processing products, circular knife can be subjected to the edge of the force to reach the effect of separation, so that the circular blade to a certain extent show the appearance of wear. Slitting machine slitting machine blade wear to a certain degree of time will be difficult to use, this time the user will replace a new blade to customize or repair blade, otherwise it will affect the normal cutting blade processing, and then affect the quality of the product.

The damage of the customized blade refers to the appearance of breakage of the customized blade in the process of using. The primary reason for the appearance is that the blade material for defective materials may not be used properly by users, the way to deal with this problem is to replace the good material blade may improve its processing technology.

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