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Teach you a few tips about tool wear

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Whether 1, tool wear, the wear quantity, the size of the direct judgment method is to listen to the voice, if voice screamed heavy or sharp, cutting tool machining status is not normal, this time can be briefly analyzed, excluding the tool itself quality problem, the cutting tool clamping problem, problem of parameters with the knife, should be able to judge the tool wear is at this time, need to suspend processing, replace the tool.

2, through the processing of machine tool movement state to judge the wear of the tool, if the processing parameters, cutting parameters and other Settings are reasonable, machining machine vibration is very big, issued "buzz", at this time you can know that the tool has reached the state of rapid wear, need to replace the tool.

There is a general consensus in the hardware industry that too much money is being spent on the wrong blade. Knowing that the problem exists, what is the solution? Most hardware companies are just trying to buy cheaper blades. That does help, but it's not the solution to the problem. So why not choose a more structured approach? Some buyers usually spend considerable time negotiating a lower price. But the effect on overall production costs, let alone productivity, is negligible.

When you look at blades in terms of how they wear in use, it really becomes clear. The correct form of cutting edge wear is back cutting surface, predictable and controllable wear. The cutting edge should not break. Cutting edges are broken because of improper use or improper selection of cutting edges. The cutting edges should be "worn" before being dropped into the box containing the worn cutting edges. "New" cutting edges that are discarded before they are used for machining are always eye-catching.

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